Are Black Friday laptops worth buying?

At this time of year, the big electrical retailers offer laptops at seemingly very good prices. However, some of the very cheapest ones offer poor value for money.

As an extreme example we found a laptop being advertised for £99 brand new. This seems too good to be true and it is. The problem is the specifications are very poor, it has 32GB of storage which is very little, and the type of storage offered eMMC is very unreliable. It also only has 2GB of RAM which is less than most average smart phones these days. The processor is also extremely slow meaning the overall experience of using this laptop would be extremely frustrating. It might be OK as a word processor but that is about it.

In our experience you can’t buy a decent new laptop for less than £350 as cheaper ones offer far too many compromises which, so they offer poor value for money. At the lower price range refurbished laptops offer far better value for money.