Are refurbished machines worth it?

This is a question we sometimes get asked.   The cost of new machines is rising sharply due to inflation and component shortages (memory) what we are finding is that while cheap computers are still being offered by the major retailers but the quality and specification has declined sharply.  Most laptops under £400 come with extremely under powered processorGrade A refurbished compuiterss and slow hard drives.

Most refurbished machines will be as fast as a new machine costing twice as much if not faster.  We mostly only supply grade A refurbished machines which are more less as good as new.  These machines come with a fully licensed copy of Windows 10 and are fully tested. They are corporate quality machines and are usually better made than domestic class machines found in the major retailers.  The cost of a refurbished desktop can be as little as £180 (for a base unit) including full data transfer and on-site setup.  In order to offer the best selection we do not stock any refurbished machines but we order them at a discounted rate for next day delivery.  Refurbished machines also have an environmental benefit as manufacturing computers is not particularly kind to the environment.

All our refurbished machines come with the same 1 year warranty we offer with new machines.

Some of the benefits of buying a refurbished machine from us:-

  • All machines come with a 1 year warranty
  • Fully tested
  • Most machines are Grade A meaning they are in nearly new condition unless otherwise stated.
  • All machines come with Windows 10 unless Windows 7 is especially requested.
  • A choice of entry level systems to high end I5 based computers, all the less than most new machines.
  • Quick turn around time
  • Full onsite setup including data transfer where possible included in the price
  • Corporate quality machines supplied such as Lenovo Thinkpads and Dell Optiplex machines.
  • Fully tested by the suppliers, we also do a range of tests to make sure nothing was missed before supplying to the end user.