Christmas Gift Ideas for 2019

With Christmas around the corner we have complied a list of gift ideas

SSD Upgrade
If you have a family member who is always complaining that their computer is always running slow then why not consider an SSD upgrade? Compared to machines with a traditional hard drive an SSD can make the computer load five times quicker. Our own testing has confirmed this especially considering hard drives tend to become slower as they age.  SSDs are also more reliable and use less energy resulting in longer laptop battery life. 

The cost depends on the system and if a full reinstall is required but prices start from £100 including full installation and testing.

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Tune up and virus removal
If a computer is running slow a full tune up may be required. This service includes installing all the latest windows updates, virus and malware removal, full hard drive test, driver updates and lots of other things.  Throughout December we are doing a special offer for this service for a fixed price of £50.00

Windows 10 upgrades
With supporting ending for Windows 7 in the new year now is the perfect time to finally upgrade to Windows 10.  Please contact us for further details and we are happy to advise on the next steps.

Wireless Mesh systems
A Wireless Mesh system is the perfect solution for a family home that is suffering from wireless reliability issues. There are many different options on the market so please contact us for the further details.

Windows 7 – End of Life

Windows 7 - End of Life January 2020

Windows 7 is probably regarded as one of the best versions of Windows Microsoft ever created. However it is now ten years old and Microsoft will no longer support it from January 14th 2020. This means no more security updates or bug fixes. Hopefully the questions below will help solve any confusion about what this means if you still use Windows 7.

Will my computer carry on working?
Yes your device will carry on working as normal at least in the short term, however it will no longer be secure as there won’t be any security updates from Microsoft. In the longer hardware manufactures will stop supporting so new devices such as printers may not work. New software releases may also not support Windows 7 which means further security risks such as using outdated web browsers.

Is windows 10 not full of bugs?
As with any new operating system there were problems when it was launched back in 2015 but it is now over four years old and has matured to be one of the fastest and most stable operating systems to come from Microsoft.

Won’t Windows 10 soon be end of life?
No, Windows 10 is constantly updated, so as longs as you install the latest updates it will remain supported for many more years to come.

Is it possible to upgrade to Windows 10?
Yes, however the viability depends on the age, specification and condition of the current device(s). We are happy to advise on the best way forward. As a general guideline if the computer is 10 years old more a replacement machine will almost certainly be required.

Do you supply new computers with Windows 10?
Yes we supply both brand new custom built machines and refurbished devices. Prices start from £200 for refurbished machines including data transfer.

If you would like further advice on upgrading to Windows 10, please phone us on 0161 660 3993 or 07896 500 456 and we will be happy guide you on the next steps.

Windows 7 - End of Life January 2020

Merry Christmas

We hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year. We are now closed until the 3rd of January 2019 but hope to see you in the new year.

Merry Christmas

Are Black Friday Laptops a good deal?

Are Black Friday laptops worth buying?

At this time of year, the big electrical retailers offer laptops at seemingly very good prices. However, some of the very cheapest ones offer poor value for money.

As an extreme example we found a laptop being advertised for £99 brand new. This seems too good to be true and it is. The problem is the specifications are very poor, it has 32GB of storage which is very little, and the type of storage offered eMMC is very unreliable. It also only has 2GB of RAM which is less than most average smart phones these days. The processor is also extremely slow meaning the overall experience of using this laptop would be extremely frustrating. It might be OK as a word processor but that is about it.

In our experience you can’t buy a decent new laptop for less than £350 as cheaper ones offer far too many compromises which, so they offer poor value for money. At the lower price range refurbished laptops offer far better value for money.

Christmas Opening Hours 2017

We hope all of our customers have had a fantastic year. We will be closing over the Christmas Holidays for a much needed rest. We will be closing the workshop for a much needed clear out and tidy up.  Our opening hours will be:-

Wednesday 20th – Open as normalHolly
Thursday 21st  – Open as normal
Friday 22nd – Closed from 4pm
Saturday 23rd – Closed
Christmas Eve – Closed
Christmas Day – Closed
Boxing Day – Closed
Wednesday 27th – Open for emergency appointments (workshop closed)
Thursday 28th – Open for emergency appointments (workshop closed)
Friday 29th – Closed
Saturday 30th – Closed
New Years Eve – Closed
New Years Day – Closed
2nd Janaury – Open for emergency appointments only (workshop closed)
Wednesday 3rd – Open as normal 


Finally we wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Are refurbished machines worth it?

This is a question we sometimes get asked.   The cost of new machines is rising sharply due to inflation and component shortages (memory) what we are finding is that while cheap computers are still being offered by the major retailers but the quality and specification has declined sharply.  Most laptops under £400 come with extremely under powered processorGrade A refurbished compuiterss and slow hard drives.

Most refurbished machines will be as fast as a new machine costing twice as much if not faster.  We mostly only supply grade A refurbished machines which are more less as good as new.  These machines come with a fully licensed copy of Windows 10 and are fully tested. They are corporate quality machines and are usually better made than domestic class machines found in the major retailers.  The cost of a refurbished desktop can be as little as £180 (for a base unit) including full data transfer and on-site setup.  In order to offer the best selection we do not stock any refurbished machines but we order them at a discounted rate for next day delivery.  Refurbished machines also have an environmental benefit as manufacturing computers is not particularly kind to the environment.

All our refurbished machines come with the same 1 year warranty we offer with new machines.

Some of the benefits of buying a refurbished machine from us:-

  • All machines come with a 1 year warranty
  • Fully tested
  • Most machines are Grade A meaning they are in nearly new condition unless otherwise stated.
  • All machines come with Windows 10 unless Windows 7 is especially requested.
  • A choice of entry level systems to high end I5 based computers, all the less than most new machines.
  • Quick turn around time
  • Full onsite setup including data transfer where possible included in the price
  • Corporate quality machines supplied such as Lenovo Thinkpads and Dell Optiplex machines.
  • Fully tested by the suppliers, we also do a range of tests to make sure nothing was missed before supplying to the end user.


Bring new life into that old machine

If you have an old machine lying around we can bring new life into it for a lot less than a new machine.  With the cost of new machines increasing due to varies factors bring older machines back into life has never made more sense.  We carry out a full hardware test before carrying out any work so we will inform you in advance if we feel that the machine isn’t worth saving.
Lenovo X220

Some of the things we do:-

  • Full hardware test (hard drive, temperatures etc)
  • Full tune up
  • Remove any viruses and malware that are found (multiple scans and manual detection)
  • Patch all out of date software to the latest versions were possible
  • Run and repair windows update if required.
  • Install the upgrade drivers where necessary.
  • Remove temporary files and other unnecessary files taking up space.

All for just £45.00

Phone Scam Warning

We have been receiving a large number of calls from people telling us they have received a threatening telephone call from their internet service provider (ISP). In all the cases we have been aware of it is has been a scam. The person on the other end of the line will say their computer is full of viruses and they must remote in to remove them otherwise they will be disconnected from the internet as well as receiving more serious threats.
Phone scam warning

The scam involves a ‘technician’ remoting in and then demanding a large fee for ‘fixing’ the machine. Very often these ‘technicians’ will plant malware on the machine with the aim of collecting login details and other personal data. If you have received such a telephone call and you have allowed an unknown person to access your machine please stop using it and get the machine professionally checked for viruses and malware.

If you receive such a phone call simply end the phone call. Very often the scammer will know which ISP the receiver of the call is with and this can make the phone call seem very convincing.

Still using Windows Vista?

Windows Vista End of Life
Still using Windows Vista? The extended support for Windows Vista ends on the 11th of April 2017. This means after this date while Vista will continue to work there will be no more security updates and it will no longer be considered safe to use.

If you are still running Windows Vista speak to us about special offers on new and refurbished machines. We take the stress out of buying new computers. All our refreshed systems are extremely high quality and come with a 12 month warranty.

Solid State Drive installed for just £60.00 including virus removal and tune up

Special offer for January 2017,  solid state drives (SSDs) installed and setup for just £60 (labour only) including tune up and malware removal .  Solid state drives can have a dramatic effect on the speed your computer has they decrease the loading times. Solid state drives can also be more reliable as they won’t fail if subjected to shocks like traditional mechanical hard drives will. Hynix SSD

The £60 offer includes the following:-

Installation of SSD
Cloning of your existing drive to the new SSD, this means that no re-installation of windows is required.
Full malware and anti virus scans (we use many different scans)
Full file system check
Full windows file check (checks the windows installation is OK)
Full tune up

Offer valid until 31st of January 2017.

This offer excludes the cost of the SSD itself, the prices of these drives are changing on a daily basis but the prices below valid on the 12th January and can be used as a guide.

Kingston 120GB SDD £55.00
SK Hynix 250GB SSD – £80.00
Kingston 480GB SSD – £135.00

Solid State Drive upgrades are cheaper and often a lot more effective in increasing speed than buying a new laptop. We recently installed one in a three year old laptop which was taking a long time to boot up, with the new SSD it look less than 8 seconds.