Are refurbished machines worth it?

This is a question we sometimes get asked.   The cost of new machines is rising sharply due to inflation and component shortages (memory) what we are finding is that while cheap computers are still being offered by the major retailers but the quality and specification has declined sharply.  Most laptops under £400 come with extremely under powered processorGrade A refurbished compuiterss and slow hard drives.

Most refurbished machines will be as fast as a new machine costing twice as much if not faster.  We mostly only supply grade A refurbished machines which are more less as good as new.  These machines come with a fully licensed copy of Windows 10 and are fully tested. They are corporate quality machines and are usually better made than domestic class machines found in the major retailers.  The cost of a refurbished desktop can be as little as £180 (for a base unit) including full data transfer and on-site setup.  In order to offer the best selection we do not stock any refurbished machines but we order them at a discounted rate for next day delivery.  Refurbished machines also have an environmental benefit as manufacturing computers is not particularly kind to the environment.

All our refurbished machines come with the same 1 year warranty we offer with new machines.

Some of the benefits of buying a refurbished machine from us:-

  • All machines come with a 1 year warranty
  • Fully tested
  • Most machines are Grade A meaning they are in nearly new condition unless otherwise stated.
  • All machines come with Windows 10 unless Windows 7 is especially requested.
  • A choice of entry level systems to high end I5 based computers, all the less than most new machines.
  • Quick turn around time
  • Full onsite setup including data transfer where possible included in the price
  • Corporate quality machines supplied such as Lenovo Thinkpads and Dell Optiplex machines.
  • Fully tested by the suppliers, we also do a range of tests to make sure nothing was missed before supplying to the end user.


Bring new life into that old machine

If you have an old machine lying around we can bring new life into it for a lot less than a new machine.  With the cost of new machines increasing due to varies factors bring older machines back into life has never made more sense.  We carry out a full hardware test before carrying out any work so we will inform you in advance if we feel that the machine isn’t worth saving.
Lenovo X220

Some of the things we do:-

  • Full hardware test (hard drive, temperatures etc)
  • Full tune up
  • Remove any viruses and malware that are found (multiple scans and manual detection)
  • Patch all out of date software to the latest versions were possible
  • Run and repair windows update if required.
  • Install the upgrade drivers where necessary.
  • Remove temporary files and other unnecessary files taking up space.

All for just £45.00

Phone Scam Warning

We have been receiving a large number of calls from people telling us they have received a threatening telephone call from their internet service provider (ISP). In all the cases we have been aware of it is has been a scam. The person on the other end of the line will say their computer is full of viruses and they must remote in to remove them otherwise they will be disconnected from the internet as well as receiving more serious threats.
Phone scam warning

The scam involves a ‘technician’ remoting in and then demanding a large fee for ‘fixing’ the machine. Very often these ‘technicians’ will plant malware on the machine with the aim of collecting login details and other personal data. If you have received such a telephone call and you have allowed an unknown person to access your machine please stop using it and get the machine professionally checked for viruses and malware.

If you receive such a phone call simply end the phone call. Very often the scammer will know which ISP the receiver of the call is with and this can make the phone call seem very convincing.

Still using Windows Vista?

Windows Vista End of Life
Still using Windows Vista? The extended support for Windows Vista ends on the 11th of April 2017. This means after this date while Vista will continue to work there will be no more security updates and it will no longer be considered safe to use.

If you are still running Windows Vista speak to us about special offers on new and refurbished machines. We take the stress out of buying new computers. All our refreshed systems are extremely high quality and come with a 12 month warranty.

Solid State Drive installed for just £60.00 including virus removal and tune up

Special offer for January 2017,  solid state drives (SSDs) installed and setup for just £60 (labour only) including tune up and malware removal .  Solid state drives can have a dramatic effect on the speed your computer has they decrease the loading times. Solid state drives can also be more reliable as they won’t fail if subjected to shocks like traditional mechanical hard drives will. Hynix SSD

The £60 offer includes the following:-

Installation of SSD
Cloning of your existing drive to the new SSD, this means that no re-installation of windows is required.
Full malware and anti virus scans (we use many different scans)
Full file system check
Full windows file check (checks the windows installation is OK)
Full tune up

Offer valid until 31st of January 2017.

This offer excludes the cost of the SSD itself, the prices of these drives are changing on a daily basis but the prices below valid on the 12th January and can be used as a guide.

Kingston 120GB SDD £55.00
SK Hynix 250GB SSD – £80.00
Kingston 480GB SSD – £135.00

Solid State Drive upgrades are cheaper and often a lot more effective in increasing speed than buying a new laptop. We recently installed one in a three year old laptop which was taking a long time to boot up, with the new SSD it look less than 8 seconds.


Happy New Year

We would like to wish all our customers a happy new year and all the best for 2017.

Merry Christmas to all of hour customers

We would like to wish a very merry Christmas and New Year to all of our customers. We will be having a short break over the holidays as this is usually our quietest week of the year. Our opening hours will be:-

Thursday 22nd:- Open as normal 10:30-8:00pmHome built M21 Christmas Tree
Friday 23rd – Open briefly from 10:30-1:00pm
Saturday (Christmas Eve) – Closed
Christmas Day – Closed
Boxing Day – Closed
Tuesday 28th – Closed

Wednesday 29th – Closed
Thursday 30th – Closed
New Years Eve – Closed
New Years Day – Closed
Monday 2nd – Closed
Tuesday 3rd – Open from 11:00-4:00pm
Wednesday 4th – Open from 10:30 -4:00pm
Thursday – Open as normal 10:30-8:00pm

How to protect your hard drive

Hard drive
The Hard drive is one of the most fragile components inside your PC or laptop, it is also the disk that stored all your data. The most common repair we do is hard drive replacements.  Hard drives are mechanical disk drives that have many moving parts such as the platter and the head,  the computer user can take many steps to avoid damaging the hard drive. Many of these steps listed below are aimed at laptops, but the same also applies to desktops.

  • Never give your machine sudden shocks especially while turned on.
  • Avoid carrying your laptop around when the machine is powered up, this is one of the most frequent causes of hard drive failure over time.
  • Always backup your data, even if you do your best to look after the hard drive, sometimes they fail for no other reason than faulty manufacturer or normal wear and tear.
  • Always shutdown your machine once you have finished using it, this ensures the hard drives head is locked into its parked position, imagine a turntable, you wouldn’t move it with the arm unlocked.
  • Always ‘safely remove’ external hard drives before unplugging them.
  • Never force the computer off without shutting it down.

Signs the hard drive is already failing

There are often warning signs the drive is about to fail some of these include:-

  • Slower than usual boot up time, though many issues can cause this, the hard drive is often a likely suspect, at the boot process involves reading files from the hard drive and copying them into the Random Access Memory (RAM).
  • A ticking sound, while some drives are noisier than others, a tick tick sound is often the sign of hard drive trouble ahead.
  • Lockups and random freezing,
  • Check Disk (CHKDSK) often wanting to do a scan on bootup.
  • The hard drive light is always on, this often means the hard drive is struggling to read the files it needs.