With Christmas around the corner we have complied a list of gift ideas

SSD Upgrade
If you have a family member who is always complaining that their computer is always running slow then why not consider an SSD upgrade? Compared to machines with a traditional hard drive an SSD can make the computer load five times quicker. Our own testing has confirmed this especially considering hard drives tend to become slower as they age.  SSDs are also more reliable and use less energy resulting in longer laptop battery life. 

The cost depends on the system and if a full reinstall is required but prices start from £100 including full installation and testing.

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Tune up and virus removal
If a computer is running slow a full tune up may be required. This service includes installing all the latest windows updates, virus and malware removal, full hard drive test, driver updates and lots of other things.  Throughout December we are doing a special offer for this service for a fixed price of £50.00

Windows 10 upgrades
With supporting ending for Windows 7 in the new year now is the perfect time to finally upgrade to Windows 10.  Please contact us for further details and we are happy to advise on the next steps.

Wireless Mesh systems
A Wireless Mesh system is the perfect solution for a family home that is suffering from wireless reliability issues. There are many different options on the market so please contact us for the further details.