Bring new life into that old machine

If you have an old machine lying around we can bring new life into it for a lot less than a new machine.  With the cost of new machines increasing due to varies factors bring older machines back into life has never made more sense.  We carry out a full hardware test before carrying out any work so we will inform you in advance if we feel that the machine isn’t worth saving.
Lenovo X220

Some of the things we do:-

  • Full hardware test (hard drive, temperatures etc)
  • Full tune up
  • Remove any viruses and malware that are found (multiple scans and manual detection)
  • Patch all out of date software to the latest versions were possible
  • Run and repair windows update if required.
  • Install the upgrade drivers where necessary.
  • Remove temporary files and other unnecessary files taking up space.

All for just £45.00