Phone Scam Warning

We have been receiving a large number of calls from people telling us they have received a threatening telephone call from their internet service provider (ISP). In all the cases we have been aware of it is has been a scam. The person on the other end of the line will say their computer is full of viruses and they must remote in to remove them otherwise they will be disconnected from the internet as well as receiving more serious threats.
Phone scam warning

The scam involves a ‘technician’ remoting in and then demanding a large fee for ‘fixing’ the machine. Very often these ‘technicians’ will plant malware on the machine with the aim of collecting login details and other personal data. If you have received such a telephone call and you have allowed an unknown person to access your machine please stop using it and get the machine professionally checked for viruses and malware.

If you receive such a phone call simply end the phone call. Very often the scammer will know which ISP the receiver of the call is with and this can make the phone call seem very convincing.