Refurbished Computers

As a Registered Microsoft Refurbisher we can offer extremely high quality refurbished machines which offer greater value for money compared to new machines. Most the refurbished computers we sell are business class machines such as the Lenovo Thinkpad which are designed to be more reliable and have a much longer life than typical domestic class machines.Computer landfill

Benefits of buying a Refurbished computer form us:-

  • Each computer is fully tested before being sold
  • Each computer is data wiped to military standards.
  • Fresh install of Windows 7.0 Home Premium or Professional
  • Windows re installation CD provided with each machine.
  • Certicate which proves the computer has gone through strict testing procedures and that the Operating System is legal.
  • Environmentally friendly, ┬ámillions fully usable and working computers end up in landfills all over the world. Buying a refurbished computer reduces this problem. New computers also require a lot of precious metals and resources which are both limited and supply and ever enivronmentally unfriendly to mine.
  • We will transfer all your old data to you new one.