Remote Support

We can fix and repair most simple problems remotely in order to limit physical contact as apart of our Covid-19 operational strategy. The process involves typing in a code and downloading a small application this will then give us access to your computer for the remainder of the session. You can go straight to the website at or read the rest of this guide before continuing.

How to use the Remote Support

When you visit the remote support page website it will ask you to enter in a code as the following screenshot shows. We have pixelated the code in this example but once the code is entered the arrow next to it will turn blue.

Screenshot of the remote support homepage

When you click on the arrow a program will start to download. This process will vary according to the browser you’re using but we will be using Google Chrome in this example as this by far the most popular browser used in Microsoft Windows.

Screen shot of the remote support software downloaded.

Once the program has downloaded it will show at the bottom left corner of Google Chrome, the file name will end in .exe. We have highlighted the program in yellow in this example. Once you have found the file please click on it and click Yes when it asks if you if the program can make changes to your computer.

We will now have access to your computer and do the rest of the work. Once the session has ended we no longer be able to access your computer.