Data Transfer

One of the biggest anxieties about buying a new computer is worrying about getting all the data transferred and in the right place.  Got an old computer which you need data transferring from? We can tranData transfersfer the data to your new computer and set it up to make it as familiar as possible for you.  Even if your old computer doesn’t work we can still transfer all your data providing your hard drive is still in good working order. Our data transfer involves the following depending on each individual requirements.

  • Check old computer for viruses and clean if necessary to avoid transferring a virus or malware to the new computer.
  • Transfer all documents and files including photographs, music and general documents such as Word files.
  • Transfer Outlook/Thunderbird/Windows Live Mail emails and accounts (if required).
  • Install programs from your previous computer including Skype, Itunes etc. A genuine CD and licence key will be required for commercial programs such as Microsoft Office.
  • Place all desktop items back in the original place.
  • Transfer bookmarks and folders.
  • Install and supply (if required) anti virus software.
  • Remove unnecessary adware type programs that are pre installed with the new computer.
  • Perform all updates on new computer to ensure maximum security and reliability.