Laptop Screen replacement

Laptop screen being replaced
Damaged laptop screen about to be removed for replacement.

There is always that dreaded moment when you open up your laptop to find the screen is smashed or there are lines down the screen.  It is not physically possible to repair the screens so the only option is a complete replacement, thankfully replacement screens are in plentiful supply.

We can replace the screen on all makes and models of laptops from just £80 including labour. All our screens come with a 12 month parts and labour warranty.

Depending on stock, screen repairs can be completed within one working day.

  • Full diagnostics to ensure the fault is the screen and not something else.
  • All replacement screens come from well known manufacturers such as Samsung and LG.
  • We will try to source an identical screen to replace your existing one with.
  • Come with a 6 months parts and labour warranty.
  • Repairs carried out in our Chorlton workshop with anti static facilities.