We can repair both desktop and laptop computers. Our repair process begins with a full diagnostics to ensure the correct diagnosis. Once the the fault has been identified we will source the part (if required) and order it for the next day delivery if we do not have it in stock. We find however that most faults are software related and can be fixed without the need for any new parts.

BIOS chip replacement

Our repairs:-

  • Come with a 12 month warranty (hardware related repairs only)
  • Have a quick turn around (most repairs are completed within three working days or sooner).
  • Obvious faults such as a faulty power supply are usually completed on the same day.
  • Are carried out in a workshop equipped with anti static facilities.
  • We only advise on a repair if we think it is worthwhile; it is not for example worth while replacing a motherboard on a four year old laptop.