Bitdefender 2015 supplied and installed for just £20.00 with any virus removal.

Comprehensive Virus Removal

Common symptoms of a virus  and malware infection include:-

  • Computer running more slowly than usual
  • Computer sending out spam emails
  • Lots of pop ups when browsing the internet
  • Programs which will not load up
  • Unexpected websites load up
  • Anti virus software keeps finding infections
  • Messages saying your data has been encrypted and you must pay a ransom to get it back.

Are you having problems with viruses? Do you think your computer may have become infected? If so we can fix all your virus related problems:-

Our virus removal is extremely comprehensive and is designed to protect your data and make sure your computer is completely clean when we hand it back.

Typical virus removal involves the following process:-

Virus removal
Manual Virus Removal
  • Manual check – Check windows settings and files to make sure they are original and have not been modified by the virus. Check startup items to make sure no bogus and infected programs are loading when the system is booted up. Check for any obvious malware such as annoying pops ups and toolbars.
  • In depth scanning – This involves the use of multiple scanners to check for infections. Different scanners are good at detecting different types of viruses and malware and more serious rootkits.
  • Tune Up – Once the viruses have been removed and the system is clean, we then try to make it more difficult for the computer to be reinfected. This involves making sure all the common applications are up to date and that the existing security software is effective.
  • Full updates – We will make sure that all common applications that are known to cause security issues are updated with the latest versions.
  • All drivers updated – This ensures smooth running of the computer – out of date or corrupt drivers can cause many problems.

In extreme cases we may need to reinstall Windows if the operating system has become too infected to safely repair. However we try to avoid this unless requested and we certainly do not use this method as a routine way of virus removal. We aim to complete all virus removal work within two working days. However, in some more difficult cases such as older, slower computers it may take longer.

Comprehensive virus removal and tune up  – Just £45.00