The most effective upgrade you will make this year!

Upgrading your disk drive to a solid state drive (SSD) is the most effective upgrade you can have. It will dramatically decrease boot up times, in some cases to less than 10 secondsSolid State Drive. They are also more reliable as they are not prone to being damaged from slight knocks or drops. Traditional hard drives are extremely fragile and not really suited for mobile machines such as laptops that are always on the move and prone to shock damage.

As SSDs are solid state and have no moving parts, they also use less power which results in improved battery life in laptops.  All our SSD installations include full operating system installation (machine must have a valid licence), installation of drivers, full testing and copying all your data from your old drive to the new SSD (if there is enough space on the new SSD).  We supply drives made from the leading manufacturers such as Kingston, Hynix,  Crucial, Sandisk and Samsung etc. Where possible we clone the existing operating system to the new drive so there will be no changes to system it will just be much faster.

Prices start from £99 including the drive and labour