Just bought a new computer or software package and you need some help with it? We offer one to one bespoke home tuition packages. Let us teach you how to achieve the most benefit from your new purchase in the comfort of your own home.
We specialise in training in the following areas:-Information

  • Office skills – Word processing and spreadsheets.
    Operating systems – basic system maintenance and general operating system skills (e.g Microsoft Windows).
  • Using the internet and staying secure – we can teach you how to make the most of the internet and how to ensure you stay secure. We can tell you how to avoid viruses and spyware as well as ensuring security when you shop online.
  • Digital Imaging – how to use your digital camera and edit pictures using a bitmap based photo editing package such as Adobe Photoshop.
  • Video Editing – make the most of your digital camcorder/camera, learn how to edit footage, add transitions and rolling text effects.

Our tutor has a relevant computing honours degree and is qualified in teaching adults to PTTLS Level 3 standard.