Windows 7 – End of Life

Windows 7 is probably regarded as one of the best versions of Windows Microsoft ever created. However it is now ten years old and Microsoft will no longer support it from January 14th 2020. This means no more security updates or bug fixes. Hopefully the questions below will help solve any confusion about what this means if you still use Windows 7.

Will my computer carry on working?
Yes your device will carry on working as normal at least in the short term, however it will no longer be secure as there won’t be any security updates from Microsoft. In the longer hardware manufactures will stop supporting so new devices such as printers may not work. New software releases may also not support Windows 7 which means further security risks such as using outdated web browsers.

Is windows 10 not full of bugs?
As with any new operating system there were problems when it was launched back in 2015 but it is now over four years old and has matured to be one of the fastest and most stable operating systems to come from Microsoft.

Won’t Windows 10 soon be end of life?
No, Windows 10 is constantly updated, so as longs as you install the latest updates it will remain supported for many more years to come.

Is it possible to upgrade to Windows 10?
Yes, however the viability depends on the age, specification and condition of the current device(s). We are happy to advise on the best way forward. As a general guideline if the computer is 10 years old more a replacement machine will almost certainly be required.

Do you supply new computers with Windows 10?
Yes we supply both brand new custom built machines and refurbished devices. Prices start from £200 for refurbished machines including data transfer.

If you would like further advice on upgrading to Windows 10, please phone us on 0161 660 3993 or 07896 500 456 and we will be happy guide you on the next steps.

Windows 7 - End of Life January 2020