Solid State Drive installed for just £60.00 including virus removal and tune up

Special offer for January 2017,  solid state drives (SSDs) installed and setup for just £60 (labour only) including tune up and malware removal .  Solid state drives can have a dramatic effect on the speed your computer has they decrease the loading times. Solid state drives can also be more reliable as they won’t fail if subjected to shocks like traditional mechanical hard drives will. Hynix SSD

The £60 offer includes the following:-

Installation of SSD
Cloning of your existing drive to the new SSD, this means that no re-installation of windows is required.
Full malware and anti virus scans (we use many different scans)
Full file system check
Full windows file check (checks the windows installation is OK)
Full tune up

Offer valid until 31st of January 2017.

This offer excludes the cost of the SSD itself, the prices of these drives are changing on a daily basis but the prices below valid on the 12th January and can be used as a guide.

Kingston 120GB SDD £55.00
SK Hynix 250GB SSD – £80.00
Kingston 480GB SSD – £135.00

Solid State Drive upgrades are cheaper and often a lot more effective in increasing speed than buying a new laptop. We recently installed one in a three year old laptop which was taking a long time to boot up, with the new SSD it look less than 8 seconds.